About Us

Our Story

Hope Homecare was founded by mother and daughter team, Gladys and Gail Maimbolwa, in 2013, though their history of working in care goes back much further than that.

Gladys started working as a carer in the early 1990s, and used to take her daughter, Gail, with her on visits from time to time, and impressed on her the strong passion she had for looking after vulnerable people. When Gail left school, she started working in accounts, but never felt that sense of passion for her work, and craved something more fulfilling. Remembering fondly the time she had spent on visits with her mother, and wanting to give something back to the community, she applied for her first care role and instantly fell in love with the work.

Realising they could achieve great things together, Gladys and Gail decided to start their own agency to attract the very best carers into the industry, and help those who needed it most. 

Their first office in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, was a huge success, and their reputation soon spread to neighbouring counties. With an influx of work outside their normal area, especially from nearby Essex County Council, they decided to open a second office in Harlow in 2021. Demand was so high, and the brand so strong, that Hope Homecare was immediately fast tracked into a local NHS contract. There were simply not enough good carers to go around!

It soon became clear that this was a situation which was reflected all around the country. There was a desperate need not only for carers in almost every region of the UK, but also for care companies that could offer the kind of compassionate, but also effective and well-managed, service that Hope Homecare could offer.

Realising the continuing importance of attracting the right kind of people to her growing brand, Gail decided franchising was by far the best way to expand Hope Homecare without losing what made it so special.

Gladys is sadly no longer with us, but her strength and compassion continues to inspire Gail as she takes Hope Homecare into a new era.