Your Investment

Potential Earnings

Fantastic long-term potential

Growing the reputation you need to succeed in your area, nurturing and developing local private and public contracts, and making sure you maintain accreditation is not a fast process – even with the expert help and experience we can offer you. It can also take time to build up the truly solid bank of caring and compassionate care staff that will work with you in the long run.

As such, you need to be prepared to spend the time and resources necessary to build the foundations of your business, and will likely not start seeing a true return on your investment until at least your second year of trading.

However, once you have done this groundwork, you can expect to see significant growth that continues to build on itself as you progress.

While our franchisees may only start seeing a profit sometime in year two, the long-term financial prospects are excellent, with a projected pre tax profit in subsequent years of:

Year 3


Year 4


Year 5


Please note that these figures are purely illustrative based on our own current operations. Exact earnings and running costs will vary from area to area. We will be more than happy to share more detailed financial information with you as you move through our enquiry process, and will help you to assess the potential of your own local area.

As business in your territory grows, you may even consider expanding your care offerings into neighbouring territories. Our existing areas have already gained such a strong reputation with local healthcare trusts, for example, that they are being highly recommended to neighbouring trusts.