About Us

What Makes Us Unique?

A Hands-On Approach

Here at Hope Homecare, we do not think of ourselves as a care agency. Our managers are drawn largely from the care profession themselves, so have a unique understanding of what is needed to run a successful care company, for both service users and their carers.

We encourage all our staff to be involved in our core mission to improve quality of life, and support the independence and aspirations, of our service users. We believe that this can only be done by being personally involved in the care we deliver – either as carers who form essential relationships with their service users, or as managers who create an atmosphere of genuine compassion and trust throughout every level of their company.

Care as unique as those who need it

We believe that personalised care is so much more than just providing a service. It should be a creative way of enhancing quality of life. As a person-centred homecare provider, every care service we offer is tailored as much as possible to suit the individual needs of every single service user we work with.

We want our service users to feel in control of the care and support they are receiving, and for both them, and their carers, to feel like an important part of the care process.

For us, its more than just a job

Providing care for others can be incredibly rewarding, but it is never easy. It can be physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting, and requires a huge commitment on the part of both the carer, and the company that supports them.

It is far more than just a job – it is a vocation based on a genuine desire to make a real difference in the lives of others. And our service users are so much than just customers – they are people with dreams and hopes who need our help to make the most of their lives – which is why we are always striving to do the very best for those in our care.