The Opportunity

What We’re Looking For

While our franchise opportunity is open to anyone, regardless of their experience and background, we are looking for partners who fit in with the ethos of Hope Homecare. We want you to share in our vision of a care company that is so much more than just a business providing a valued service. We want you to be just as excited and determined as we are when it comes to providing something that is so important to the well-being of our service users.

For that reason, we are looking for people who:

Have a caring personality

Whether you are from a care background yourself, or just someone who recognises the business opportunity the Hope Homecare franchise represents, you do need to be someone who is compassionate and empathetic. Someone who realises just how important the quality of care is to our service users, and how important it is to build the right team of carers.

Most importantly, you need to be someone who can share in our key values and mission, and make them their own.

Are eager to learn

There is a lot to think about when it comes to running a successful home care company. While our training and support is designed to give you everything you need, you do still need to be someone who is eager to engage with new knowledge and skills. No doubt, there is a great deal we can learn from each other!

Are willing to follow procedure

Our business model has been tried and tested, and has now been adapted to help you succeed in your own community. However, you can only benefit from everything we can offer you if you are willing to follow the systems and procedures we have put in place for you.

This is particularly important when it comes to CQC regulations, as your compliance to these is absolutely essential in order to keep you trading.

Are highly motivated and self-disciplined

While the Hope Homecare franchise is a package designed to help you succeed, how well you do is ultimately going to come down to you. For this reason, you do need to be someone who is hard-working and dedicated, and willing to make the significant commitment it takes to make it as a self-employed business owner. You should also be resilient and determined and willing to work with us to overcome any challenges that come your way.

If you’ve got what it takes to be a Hope Homecare business owner, we would love to hear from you.