Ready to start making a real difference? It all begins here…

Do you work in the care industry and are exhausted and frustrated because you know you can do so much more?

Or are you someone who wants to do something positive for those most in need in your local community?

If so, you’re far from alone. It’s been a busy year for the Hope Homecare franchise, with a new franchisee joining last month and several others in the pipeline. I’m also getting a lot of enquiries from people who want to learn how Hope Homecare can help them transform care in the UK for the better, as well as people who know a great business opportunity when they see one.

Now, I know you are probably doing your best to get some well-earned downtime over the summer holidays – or at least, dreaming about that as you organise a bunch of off-school kids! – so this is not the kind of time you want to be making any life-changing decisions, like joining a franchise. However, this could be a good time to start doing a bit of research into your options for the future.

Please remember: wherever you are on your franchising journey, I am here to help!

Still deciding if a Hope Homecare franchise is right for you?

The care industry in the UK has never seen as high a demand on its resources as it has now. People and local authorities are just crying out for high-quality care companies, so really there has never been a better time to get involved. Which means, if you’re still thinking about whether or not this is the right business opportunity for you, this is also the perfect time to reach out for any more info you need.

Investing in a franchise is a big decision, even one with the obvious benefits Hope Homecare can offer you, so I completely understand you want to make sure you have everything you need to make an informed decision. Please feel free to ask me anything at any time. I’ll never be putting you under pressure, but I am more than happy to have a chat and go into any aspect of this franchise is more detail.

You can schedule a call with me using the button at the bottom of this email.

New to Hope Homecare and want to learn more?

The Hope Homecare franchise website is a great place to start, of course. It is an excellent resource which has all the key information, and I also have a big database of extra info about everything including finances, and how the business works, etc. I send out emails every month with news and insights, but if you’re new to my mailing list and might have missed out so far, I can resend you anything and everything you might need.

Just ask!

Likewise, if there is anything at all I can add to help you understand how a Hope Homecare franchise might work for you, please do let me know. Setting an informal first chat is as easy as scheduling a call.

With kindest wishes,

Steve Eastaugh

Franchise Consultant