New Hope Homecare franchisees prepare for launch in Finchley!

This month, we are very happy to welcome the newest additions to the Hope Homecare franchise family! Now just waiting for their final CQC interview, Natasha and Hamza are very excited about launching their new business in Finchley as soon as possible.

Earlier this week, Natasha was kind enough to take a break from her busy training schedule with the franchise to speak to us about her experiences so far.

Meet Natasha Naseer, soon to be proud owner of Hope Homecare, Finchley

Natahsa had no direct experience of the care industry before joining Hope Homecare, instead running a successful retail business in North London, but her story is one which will be familiar to a lot of you.

As she began to need to find quality care for elderly loved-ones, she came face to face with the shortfalls of the care sector in the UK, and decided she wanted to be part of making a positive change.

“We’ve had a lot of experience of trying to find care for others in recent years,” Natasha told us, “and have seen just how difficult it is to find what you need. After speaking with a few friends who work in this sector, we decided we could be in the position to do something to help. We were also very interested in doing something more vocational, working with people rather than just selling a product. We feel it will be a much more rewarding and satisfying direction in our lives.”

Of course, launching a care business isn’t easy. It’s a highly regulated industry, and one which can be incredible demanding, both personally and professionally. It didn’t take long for Natasha to realise that joining a franchise like Hope Homecare could be exactly the opportunity she was looking for.

“By joining a franchise, we can learn from the experts and get their guidance in setting up. It’s a good thing it is so hard to get started in care, and that there are so many regulations, because that means you are being pushed to offer great quality care. It’s good for service users, which means it’s good for the business, too. However, doing it on our own would have been very overwhelming!”

While it eventually became very clear that the Hope Homecare franchise was the right choice for them, it was not the first one that Natahsa and Hamza looked at. In fact, they researched a lot of different options before discovering Hope.

“The difference with Hope Homecare was that it had a much more personal feel, and far less corporate. We felt like we mattered rather than just being one more faceless office in a large number of franchisees, and that can be very scary when you’re starting something new. We immediately believed that the Hope Homecare team would take a personal interest in us and our new business and would be people we could easily speak to and connect with.”

Good luck Natasha! We’re confident you’re going to make this a success, and look forward to working with you!

Could you be the next Hope Homecare success story?

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